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About Phillips Financial

Founded in 1988, Phillips Financial has always been committed to helping our clients pursue their financial goals. We provide comprehensive, personalized financial advisory services, and we care about what happens to you. Our professionals don't try to sell you products — instead, we take a collaborative approach to financial guidance.

Over the years, we have sought to earn a reputation of excellence from our clients, and every day, we strive to protect that reputation as we serve our new and existing clients. When you select Phillips Financial as your wealth management partner, we stand by your side, and we are always ready to answer your estate planning and wealth management questions.

Our Commitment to You

When you work with us, we commit to providing you with customized services tailored to meet your specific needs. Finances, wealth management, and retirement planning can be complicated and lead to confusion.  Our task is to explain the associated concepts clearly.  At Phillips Financial, we listen to you and learn about your concerns. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wealth management. Everyone has different needs and desires, and we want to learn about yours.

Your questions and concerns represent the motivation behind creating a Financial Plan from the start. So, we want to hear all of your questions and concerns.  Your active participation unlocks the key to designing that suitable path that helps you work toward achieving your goals.  Your approval of the Financial Plan establishes the foundation for further financial decisions with the intent to match the strategies to your needs.   

However, we don't just listen. We strive to truly understand our clients. We want to understand what keeps you up at night. We want to know what motivates and inspires you. We want to truly understand your situation and your goals so that we can create a suitable financial strategy for you.

Our personalized wealth management services are tailored to your needs. Working together, we can create the personalized financial strategy for your unique goals. But again, that starts with listening to you and understanding your goals.

Our Principles of Operation & Conduct

You are the reason we exist. Without our clients, we would not have a financial services firm. We acknowledge and appreciate you, and we provide our services with the full awareness that you are the best part of our operation.

At Phillips Financial, we fully accept our investment fiduciary role. When you select us as your financial professional, we understand the value you are placing in us, and we treat your money as carefully as we would our own. We feel honored to play this role in our clients' lives.

We understand that wealth management, retirement planning, and estate planning can be complicated. We understand that finances can be confusing, and when our clients ask us questions, we strive to make our explanations clear and straightforward. We can handle the specifics, but we always want you to understand what's happening with your financial planning strategy. We never want you to feel afraid or intimidated about asking a question. We're always ready and eager to talk with our clients about any and all of their concerns.

At our financial services firm, we don't make decisions for you. We help you make decisions appropriate for your situation. We guide you toward a suitable path to work towards your goals. When we craft financial plans and provide you with suggestions, we always cover all of the pros and cons of each decision. We never push people to make decisions that aren't suitable for them.

Whether you're assessing insurance plans or thinking about asset allocation, we help you look at the potential outcomes of different situations, and we tailor our advice based on your risk tolerance. We also remain fully accountable to you for the financial advice we provide. We stand by our services.

Our Approach to Financial Planning & Wealth Management

We provide estate planning, financial planning, insurance services, retirement planning, asset management, and courtesy services to our clients. 

Our financial professionals meet with you on a regular basis. We talk with you about your goals and objectives and your current financial situation. But we also talk with you about your risk tolerance. We want you to be confident, knowing that your assets are being managed with care.

Based on your input, we develop a customized financial plan. Your financial plan takes into account your short-term needs, intermediate objectives, and long-term goals. A strong financial plan guides you through your working years, into retirement, and even beyond with legacy planning.

Beyond retirement planning, we can help you shape your legacy by reviewing your trust, will, and powers of attorney (POA) documents. If necessary, we can help you consult with your attorney to update your estate planning documents. We can also help you address other possible needs outside the financial realm.

Planning for retirement and building a legacy doesn't mean that you need to forgo enjoyment during your working years. To strike the right balance, you need to work with a financial professional who can help you craft a financial plan with both today and tomorrow in mind.

A financial plan is not static. It has to evolve as your needs and goals change. As needed, we help you make adjustments to your financial plan based on changes in your life, economic shifts, or geopolitical events. With your approval, we can also consult with your tax advisor or accountant so that your financial plan optimizes your tax situation.

Contact Phillips Financial to Talk About Your Financial Plan

Our purpose is to help you pursue your goals, in seeking to build your wealth sufficiently to meet your retirement objectives. Our financial planning, wealth management, and advisory services can guide you in the right direction. Ready to enjoy tomorrow? Then, contact us today to learn more about our services and our commitment to our clients.

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